How to Remove the Storm Covering the Thunderhead Isles in Tears of the Kingdom

Rain, Rain, go Away

Taking a glance at the sky islands in Tears of the Kingdom, you might have noticed a massive storm that’s looming over the bottom right section of Hyrule. Perhaps you’ve made your way over to that section in the map, only to discover that there are islands hidden in the clouds. Although, navigating said islands is a dangerous task, due to the fact that Link can’t see 10 feet in front of him. However, there’s a way to remove the storm from the island, letting you explore this new location to your heart’s content.

How to Remove the Storm Over the Thunderhead Isles

The truth is, removing the storm is part of the main quest. To begin the process of clearing up the skies, you’ll need to complete all four Regional Phenomona quests around Hyrule. Once this is complete, heading back to Lookout Landing will call you to complete the mini-dungeon in Hyrule Castle.

After you escape Hyrule Castle, you’ll complete Regional Phenomena, and unlock the Quest, “Find the Fifth Sage”. If you happened to stumble upon Kakariko Village during your travels throughout Hyrule, or perhaps on your trek to Hateno Village, you might’ve noticed some ruins floating on the side of town. Before the completion of Regional Phenomena, you were banned from exploring them. Now with the quest being completed, you’ll be able to check them out.

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Investigate the Floating Ring

Speak to Paya and Tauro in Kakarko Village and they’ll open the structures up for you to investigate. Head up to the floating part of the Ring Ruins, and use Ascend to get inside the floating ring. Once inside you’ll find a slab with some text on it that Tauro and Calip were talking about when they let you investigate. Snap a picture of it with your camera, and show it to Tauro. After deciphering the message, they’ll mention the Zonai Ruins in Faron. Tauro and Calip will make their way to the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower, Follow them to continue the quest.

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Finding “Dragon Land”

Once you’ve made it to the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower you can speak with Calip, who’s mentioned that Tauro is headed towards Dracozu Lake. Walk southeast from the Skyview tower, you can spot Tauro’s camp by the campfire, still lit. Its coordinates are (0933, -2503, 0009).

On the table will be a journal, where you can find he’s gone into the ruins across the water from where the campsite is. Inside you’ll find Tauro once more who gives you a riddle to solve.

“Wear the electric garb hidden at the long-necked dragons along the wide-mouthed forest serpent,” followed by “Offer a Zonai charge to the altar at the tail”.

Tauro will also point you in the direction of a Zonai chest, which contains the Charged Shirt. What the game is asking you to do is make you way down the river (which looks like a dragon), find the complete Charged Armor set, and offer a Zonai Charge to the altar at the end.

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Completing the Ritual

Start making your way down the river, staying on the right side. Be careful, as there’s Lizalfos in the water. Eventually, you’ll come across another set of ruins, much like where you met with Tauro. The coordinates of the first ruins are (0980, -2691, 0007). These  are blocked off by some rock, which can be easily broken with a Rock Hammer. Inside the ruins, you’ll find the second piece of the Charged Set: the Charged Trousers.

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Continue working your way down the river until you see another set of ruins. This time, on the left side. Looking to your right, you might see some Zonai Soldier enemies waiting for a fight. Avoid them for now, and head into these new ruins. The coordinates of the ruins are (0968, -2801, 0007)

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Once all three pieces have been acquired, head out and make your way down the path right across from the ruins. Doing so will lead you to the Zonai Ruins, where the altar is. However, you’ll have to fight some enemies along the way. You’ll reach a clearing in the path where three Lizalfos will be hiding. Hidden along the stone wall behind them is another set of ruins. Their coordinates are (0686, -2743, 00014).

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Head inside wearing the entire Charged Armor set and take out a Zonai Charge. Place the charge on the Altar in the back and watch as a cutscene plays out, removing the storm surrounding the islands. This lets you access the Thunderhead Isles, and Dragonhead Island, with clear vision!

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