Pokemon Black/White getting video chat

Playing Pokemon online is cool, but according to the latest information on Black and White, developer GameFreak is planning on taking it up a half step. Those playing the latest Pokemon title on the DSi or 3DS will be able to enjoy the new “Live Caster” feature, which includes video chat!

As well as turning your DS into a Webcam, you will also be able to join a huge overworld hub full of players and help them out with tricky missions. The game also has a “Pass By” mode which detects nearby players and connects when you walk past them. Quite what these connections do is yet to be revealed. 

Seems like exciting things are on the cards for Pokemon Black and White. It also sounds distressingly like it’d be a pedophile’s haven, but I’m sure Nintendo is putting in measures to deal with that. I hope so, anyway. 

Pokemon Black/White – even more promo pamphlet pics, details, confirmation of in-game video chat for DSi/3DS [GoNintendo]

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