Pokemon Black and White Version 2 launches October 7

October 7 might as well be Pokemon day. Nintendo will be launching Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 on that day for the Nintendo DS so that fans can start catching them all again in the successor to last year’s release. So that’s a thing already.

But there’s also the 3DS eShop title Pokemon Dream Radar, which launches the same day. This title lets trainers catch Pokemon with the 3DS camera, and it uses both motion control and AR tech. 3DS owners that pick up both (or all three!) titles can use Dream Radar to transfer Pokemon they’ve caught into Black/White

Nintendo would like me to remind you that Version 2 is only playable in 2D on your 3DS, and that your imported Pokemon from Dream Radar will also be stuck in 2D.

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