Celeste and Mafia: Definitive Edition among PlayStation Now November lineup

PlayStation Now November 2021 games

Plus a classic Final Fantasy

Sony has announced which games will be added to PlayStation Now in November 2021, and it’s a pretty varied list. CelesteFinal Fantasy IXMafia: Definitive Edition, and Totally Reliable Delivery Service hit the cloud service this month.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is one of the headliners, as it’s a fairly recent remake of the original Mafia game. Our impressions at the time were pretty positive on the remade version, as it added some nice shine to the gangland-era third-person shooter.

Celeste is another big get, and for good reason. This 2018 platformer remains an incredible game, and is honestly one of the few games I’d recommend anyone and everyone play. Seriously, check Celeste out if you haven’t yet.

For folks looking for a classic RPG to cozy up with during these fall and winter months, Final Fantasy IX hits PlayStation Now in November as well. It’s not my personal favorite of the PlayStation-era Final Fantasy entries, but I respect those that hold a certain nostalgia for it. Plus, it does have Tetra Master.

And last but certainly not least, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is one I definitely recommend if you didn’t try it free on the Epic launcher. I picked it up when it was available and had a blast playing with some friends as we tried and failed to deliver objects to their end destination, instead wreaking havoc on the island like it’s Just Cause. Good times all around.

All of them will be playable on PlayStation Now starting on November 2, 2021.

Eric Van Allen