Totally Reliable Delivery Service is like a Goat Simulator + Human: Fall Flat combo, and it’s free on Epic

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Totally Reliable Delivery Service is one of those names that should be in scare quotes — or at least half of it should. “Totally Reliable” Delivery Service is more accurate because hahaha nothing about this clumsy-ass bear is reliable at all.

There’s a new contender in the ridiculous physics mayhem genre. Totally Reliable Delivery Service is all about getting a package from Point A to Point B and watching everything go off the rails in between. It’s the open-world irreverence of Goat Simulator combined with the ragdoll awkwardness of Human: Fall Flat. Invoking those two names might mean it’s destined for YouTube stardom.

You, however, aren’t restricted to only watching. There are some pretty good options for playing Totally Reliable Delivery Service for free. For starters, it launched as free on the Epic Games Store through April 8; it’s a forever-type deal too, not just for a limited time. It’s also available as part of Xbox Game Pass. Lastly, the iOS and Android versions are also both free.

For anyone who doesn’t have the means to get Totally Reliable Delivery Service for free (or who just wants to play elsewhere), it’s on all the consoles too. The PS4, Switch, and Xbox One versions are all $15.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service [Epic Games Store]

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