Persona Q2 reveals Aigis’ very own sci-fi movie labyrinth


As I’m sure fans are aware, Atlus’ upcoming Nintendo 3DS title Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth features dungeons (or “labyrinths”) based on movie genres. This new trailer for the chibi-sequel gives us a glimpse of the newly-revealed stage “A.I.G.I.S.”

A clear spoof on A.I.-based sci-fi movies such as I, Robot and… er… A.I., the labyrinth will feature a story about Persona 3’s cutie-pie android gal, Aigis, and her attempts to break free from the shackles of drone-minded subservience. No doubt players will guide Aigis’ fellow SEES members in their efforts to help her true, self-sufficient personality break free.

Do you know what I like? Ex Machina. That was a great A.I. movie. This is the second Spielberg movie pastiched in the new game, following on from the previously revealed “Junessic Land”. Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth launches in Japan, for Nintendo 3DS on November 29.

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