Persona Q2 drops trailer for supposed best character Futaba Sakura

‘Best Girl’ or so I’m unreliably informed

The beat goes on for Atlus and their marketing machine, pumping out character trailers for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS sequel Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth. This new clip introduces Persona 5’s tech-whiz Futaba Sakura.

One of the latter-day additions to The Phantom Thieves, Futaba is a young girl whose quiet and shy exterior hide an incredible I.Q. and a genuinely affecting backstory. A master of computer hacking and awkward conversation, Futaba has won the hearts of a huge number of Persona fans, even though she isn’t Makoto, or that badass reporter who hangs out at the bar, or the well-shifty doctor.

I do get a real kick out of Futaba’s Persona Q2 design, I’m really digging the fanged smile. Futaba joins fellow Persona superstars Junpei, Naoto, Morgana and Shinjiro in Atlus’ ever-expanding list of character trailers. Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth launches on Nintendo 3DS in Japan November 29.

Chris Moyse
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