PAX 08: A recap of all the amazing times from the community

PAX has come and gone, and everyone that went can easily tell you it was the best time of their lives. It was just unbelievable how many of you came out to hang out with Dtoid. People came all the way from England, New Zealand, New York, Canada, Australia and all over the place because of some dude with a robot fetish.

From amazing hats, to strippers with stickers, to drinking Cristal in the streets of Seattle, to so much more, it was an absolute blast hanging out with all of you. I speak for everyone at Destructoid when I say thank you to every one of you that came out to PAX this year.  

Nearly everyone that went to PAX made some sort of PAX blog and I’ve linked to every one of them all after the jump. And keep some tissues handy, as this is one long post.

Before the actual events of PAX, wardrox, pheonix-blood and Kryptinite made a couple of pre-PAX blogs. Wardrox took a questionable photo of himself and pheonix-blood, while Kryptinite made a video of all the things he was planning on bringing to PAX. Why he brought two PSPs and two GBAs is beyond me.

Dead Pixel made the first actual PAX event blog. He was a lurker before but feels like a part of the family now after going to the Redwood Bar, where a majority of Dtoiders were hanging out on the first night. He also had a very epic quote about the night’s events:

We are separated at birth, only to be reunited by controllers and keyboards. 

Here’s some random quotes by Cutie Honey and a few community members about PAX. Speaking of Cutie Honey, he’s working on an epic Destructoid comic series called “The Destructoid PAX 08 Movie: The Soundtrack: The Game: The Comic.” It’s going to be a 20- to 30-page comic series featuring tons of Dtoiders with the purpose of building up hype to make more people come out to PAX next year. Cutie Honey is an awesome artist, and I can’t wait to see more of his work.

Butmac had a few things to say about PAX, from having a gay old time, to talking about the games of PAX, to closing out PAX by being the last band to play Rock Band 2, to sending love to everyone that went to PAX in classic Butmac video form. 

kadosho had a couple of blogs recapping everything he did while at PAX, where he talked about all of the gaming celebrities he met. 

Nice try, BFeld13! They don’t let 6-year-olds into PAX!

The staff was tempted to liveblog our own damn panel, but Qais and I couldn’t remember what the hell our liveblogging software was called. Lucky for us, naia-the-gamer stepped up and liveblogged the Dtoid panel. Also, here’s naia’s PAX recap and swag haul post.

blehman was, sadly, one of the first Dtoiders to head back home, leaving all of the good times. Also, The Incredible Edible Egg really likes to touch people, drunk or not.

Conrad Zimmerman went home loaded with swag. I have Conrad to blame for all of the Castle Crashers figures selling out so quick. I wanted one, damn it!

More swag hauls, this time by Toneman. I don’t know how I missed so much amazing swag. 

Picture dump: Check out a ton of ceark’s pictures from PAX, including his signature panoramic photos taken with his cell phone.

Here’s Tactix’s “zomg I love you all blog“. He talks about the games, meeting Felicia Day, and PAX in general.

You probably don’t want to stay in the same room as CountingConflict or Macca next year. You DO want to be on the same plane as Conflict, as he meets all the hot lesbians!

Rio McCarthy LOVES SWAG! She picked up a ton of things while at PAX, including an import SNES. She was also in a very giving mood, as she hooked up the RetroforceGO! people with some awesome gifts and gave a few of us hats. The shark hat is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Also, check out Rio’s hand-drawn image of the epic Dtoid group shot.

Hoygeit is one awesome dude. Also, here’s some of the games he saw at PAX.

The GHost is amazing. He’s actually back in Africa now for the next few months, so it’ll be awhile before we hear from him again. Check out his blog, where he thanks everyone. Also, he wrote this up early in the morning because I snore very loudly. And here’s some random pictures from all of the days GHost was around, including the very last day with just a few Dtoiders remaining in Seattle. 

Dolphins suck. Er, I mean, here’s Chad’s PAX “I love you all, let’s make love” blog post.

So, like, Nick failed at Rock Band 2. In front of everyone. Don’t know why he thinks he’s such hot shit at the game. 

Here’s coonskin05’s “I want you all inside me” blog post. 

NihonTiger90 is hyping up his upcoming PAX love blog. Don’t you just hate teasers? Also, here’s some of the stuff he acquired at PAX.

As amazing as PAX was, there was one major bit of sad news to come from it. .tiff, one of the most amazing ladies I’ve ever met, has parted ways with Destructoid. Real life always comes first, and her career is demanding more and more of her time. We’ll miss you, gurl.

Dexter345 photo- and videoblogged all of the days he was at PAX. Dexter’s girl, RalphsBFF, also had a few words to say about some of the community members she had the pleasure of meeting. 

CrocBox details all of the swag he scored and talks about some of the Dtoiders he met while in Seattle. 

Knives meng, he talk about the PAX and stuff meng.

McSnow was another England Dtoider that came all the way to Seattle just to hang out. He also got a legendary lap dance at the strip club.  

Here’s Kryptinite’s swag haul. I’m going to say he got cool stuff and I totally downloaded the external app to look at his stuff. And if you’re having trouble figuring out who is who in all of the pictures, check out Kryptinite’s video above as he tries to help all of you Internet people out.

Random pictures and thank yous from Droobies. We miss your balls, Droobies.

Colette, you never failed once while at PAX. 

PAX was a very special event for pheonix-blood. She came all the way from England pretty much broke just to meet a bunch of Internet weirdos that like robot cocks. Also, I have a new love for Lemonade thanks to her, especially after having Cheesecake Factory’s lemonade. 

It still blows my mind to know that some of you came from the other side of the world just to hang out with Dtoid. Macca came all the way from New Zealand and is one hell of a guy. 

DJDuffy and her gal Liz drove down from Canada to hang out with the Dtoid Army. She, like the many others, blogged about her experience about meeting everyone for the first time.

Destructoid has transformed Emodrox into … not Emodrox. Hanging out with us at Seattle helped Wardrox make up his mind and figure out what he’s doing with his life. Also, cock socks.

Phist gives some shout outs to various Dtoiders and has a bunch of pictures from last week’s awesomeness. See you at Blipfest this year!

-D- got a bunch of STDs.

Here’s a photo of Dyson getting owned by Nick Chester at Tetris, courtesy of power-glove. It still blows my mind that I ran into power-glove at the Seattle airport just minutes after arriving myself. Mostly for the fact that he recognized me. 

I miss every single damn one of you. <3

Nintendoll recapped her day-to-day adventures at PAX and is a really really really fun drunk. 

Mutant Pope has a few photos from PAX, including some pictures of Wardrox not being able to handle American drinks.

Nearly 98% of these blogs are about Destructoid, while the other 2% are about the games of PAX. Not surprising, really, as I think most of us went to hang out with PAX being the backup plan in case most of us sucked in real life. Anyway, BigPopaGamer details some of the games he saw at PAX.

nademagnet is the MAN! He, along with a few other Dtoiders, went to a strip club on Sunday night and got one of the strippers to wear a few Dtoid stickers. 

Black Yoshi is a new member of the Dtoid family and was with us at PAX this year. The cute factor is through the roof in this blog, especially at the end. 

ImpossiblePlant blogged about something that no one else has yet to mention: Keener is an amazing massage therapist!  

Madninja can dance

FooLiz threw up some of her photos onto the Internets right before leaving for the airport for her long trip home. 

What better way to end this collection of blogs than with a toast! This part of the week was just amazing. We all went out in the streets of Seattle and we all shared in some Cristal and toasted to Niero and Destructoid!

See you next year! 

Hamza Aziz