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PAX: Bonus Pictures Edition (Literacy Not Required)

With my last desperate grasp for internets, I secured myself a connection at Heathrow airport while waiting for my flight. What this means is that I can finally upload some photos (couldn't do so from my hotel).


This is one of my favorite photos, it was taken the first day I got to Seattle after I ran into Wardrox, Tazar and Pheonix Blood completely by accident. The camera is propped up on a bunch of bags. From left to right: FooLiz, Riser Glen, SuffoCat, In the back is Tazarthayoot, Droobies is in front of Tazar, Droobies girl is in front of Droobies, Myself, Pheonix Blood, Wardrox, Nintendoll and Asian Joe AKA The Incredible Edible Egg.

I got a bunch of people to sign my laptop. It all started with Niero and snowballed from there. The one signature in particular that is sorely missing is Mr. Chad "Dolphin King" Concelmo's :( I'm also looking for a way to keep the signatures from getting wiped off, right now I'm just being extra careful when handling my laptop.

Really don't think that I've gotta explain this one. That's Macca on the left there being awesome sauce all over the place.

Tazar is BAAAAAALLIN! That's that Cri-STAHL right there.

The first night I met Dyson, we were both at this bar getting wasted, and I wanted to get him to sign something, but the only thing I had were some off-sale beers that we were totally not drinking in the bar because that's totally not allowed...

Anyways, I got him to sign my beer, and here it is in all of its glory!

Droobies is just a cooler person than you are, and this picture proves it.

The man train that formed the first night that the entire group met up.

Ceark picking up SuffoCat so that he can take him back to his hotel room and sexually ravage him. Note the massive amount of swag that SuffoCat managed to grab.

Nick, Niero and CTZ. The all star lineup stops by and says hi to all the drunk Dtoiders below.

DJ Duffy, Necros, FooLiz and Kryptinite serve up a quintuple order of hawtness.

Dear editors,

Front page this image right now.

That is all :)

I could use a picture of this scene that's technically "better", but in this one you can see the tears starting to well up in Niero and Rio's eyes. This was taken on the last night of PAX just before things were starting to wind down.

I just fucking love this picture. Tazar (right) and DVDesign (left) move in while Pheonix is distracted...

Probably the best picture of Dyson that I've seen so far.

These are pictures taken of "the survivors" that left Tuesday night. The brave men (Asian Joe, whom is not pictured, ScottyG, Tazar and myself) and women (Wardrox and Pheonix) that made it through PAX and decided that they weren't done yet. These were taken at the hotel just before our bus came to pick us up.

Well that pretty much does it for me. Some of these are my pictures and some of them are FooLiz's, hopefully I didn't step on her toes by posting some.

Forgive me Liz? :)

For a recap of some of my thoughts on some of the community members, check my last blog. Who knows? Maybe I mention YOU! Maybe it's something scathing! Maybe I shooped a picture of me peeing on your grandmothers grave or something! Maybe I did pee on your grandmothers grave! You won't know unless you read it.

As always, thanks for reading my ramblings, and I'll be back on Destructoid in a few short months.

Random quote... EXECUTE!

"None of these blogs have captured what PAX actually FELT like or meant. Only Chads really came anywhere close."

-Pheonix Blood
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