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PAX 08 Day 1

After some rest, I did my regular duties, then set out. To find a huge line awaiting us all, and it would last until 1pm. In the meantime, the masses would have a few mini-games of "pass the balloon" until some unfortunately "ended" the game altogether. What else to do to pass the time? Visited with a few friendly faces I met during the Dtoid dinner. But since it was getting a bit crowded, my visits were cut short.

1pm rolled in, and the line began to move, staggering it moved to the next hall. Onward 1:30 and many more centipede moves later. Time passed, and many journalists and some popular faces passed us by.. 2pm doors open we go on in.

For the next few hours, I ventured through the expo hall; just to see what was on the show floor. In the meantime, I also met some familiar faces Mr.Destructoid himself, (from Adam Sessler (saw him headed towards a bar thursday, Daniel Kaiser (also met him at the Redwood dtoid party thursday night), Laura Foy (now On10, and was co-host from G4tv.com's official show and much more in the past). Not to forget, even Major Nelson, plus the ScrewAttack gang; Craig, Destin, and Cory.

Oddly enough I didn't play too many games on the floor quite yet. The place was already packed with plenty of people. So I headed towards the PS3 booth, glanced by the LBP display (including a line that would take an hour), and Buzz! the crazy looking trivia game title. (I actually entered the mini-contest they held at the time) Although I didn't win first place, I still had fun in the long run. (1st prize would be a copy of the game itself, its simple and entertaining)

Afterwards I visited a few more booths, some non-game related. Near 4pm, I remembered my appointment to meetup with friends from AllGames. (since we were planning a show @4-7) A few of the PAX staff were unsure of its location, until I asked a helpful person that recalled "hey that's where they might be". Headed down two floors, in the Handheld gaming area, 210. And voila, Bobby Blackwolf, Hendrix, and Kropotkin just started. From there I even met the OLR crew, and Ninja from ElectricSistaHood's podcast. Including friends from the AllGames community. Have to admit, I had quite a time being part of the live show.
(plus due to some fun timing, Craig from ScrewAttack happened to pass by. Asked if he would like to be a guest on Bobby's PAX show for an interview, he gave me a card; and I passed it on to Bobby. So hey there could be some surprises today and tomorrow)

Later went to the concert (after a run to the hotel, helping bobby with his stuff) and my phone decided to have "technical difficulties". Midway into the concert, after the OneUps run, found out there was a meetup @ the RedLion. Felt a bit tired, so I had a ride home.

Pretty much sums up day one. Hope to share more later today
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