Overwatch’s director talks at length about the future of the game

First order of business — get ranked mode out

So Overwatch has been out for a ‘lil bit, and people are starting to get antsy about what’s next (beyond the competitive mode slated for this month that is). Thankfully the game’s Director Jeff Kaplan is a chatty fellow, so he laid out his team’s plans in detail on an official forum post. According to him, new maps and heroes are being worked on “daily,” and are part of their core initiative.

As previously announced, all of these will be added to the game for free. He hints that one map in particular might be coming in the near future, but everything else is “in the pipeline.” That pipe will get a lot less backed up once competitive (ranked) play is out, though even that aspect will take “several seasons” to get where Blizzard wants it. They are even talking about putting it up on the PTR (public test realm — Blizzard’s built-in beta system of sorts) before launching it.

He also touched on the updated Play of the Game feature (which will be further down the line), more Brawls, better custom game features, a server browser (!), multiple sprays and voice lines, better social interactions, and a hot topic in the console community — fixing the ability to leave games as a group.

Kaplan is making “no promises,” but this is what they’re working on. I could definitely go for another hero and some maps. Especially if one of those heroes is a dedicated healer.

Jeff Kaplan [Battle.net]

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