Oh my GOD, these two new Pokemon

Are you… are you feeling okay, Pikachu?

A couple of pocket monsters from Pokémon Sun and Moon have slipped out of CoroCoro magazine, and if there was ever a time to use those beautiful eyes of yours before they give out, this would be it.

According to Serebii, the hug-loving bear, Kiteruguma, is a normal/fighting type, while that distressed Pikachu-lookin’ thing is Mimikkyu, a ghost/fairy type. I’m actually way into the idea of a Pokémon that is the equivalent of a bed-sheet ghost. I’m sure whatever is under there is real messed up.

With the iconic first-generation monsters fresh on my mind thanks to Pokémon GO‘s total phone domination, these new critter designs especially stand out. Can’t wait to see the full lot of ’em.

Serebii [Twitter]

Jordan Devore
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