Obvious: Coulton pens song for Portal 2

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Well isn’t this a triumph for Jonathan Coulton — the singer/songerwriter will have a song that will appear in Valve’s Portal 2.

Shocking, I know, considering his track “Still Alive” — which played during Portal‘s closing credits — was a huge success. And by “huge success” I mean it was beaten into our brains repeatedly for well over a year after the game released.

I mean, I’m not even angry — I’m being so sincere right now: the song was pretty great the first 10,000 I heard it. So I guess I’m kind of looking for something to replace it, and another Coulton-penned tune will do the trick nicely.

Portal 2
ships April 18 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac OS X. I will be playing it as soon as humanly possible, if only to get to the end so I can hear Coulton’s track.

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