Now I’m even more into that Super Famicom-themed New 3DS XL

The box is perfect

If we all got one free do-over and could pick out a single 3DS design with no pesky restrictions to bog us down, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the upcoming Super Famicom-style New 3DS XL.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a Japan exclusive, and it’s also region-locked, but the design is so dang cool! That coolness even extends to the handheld’s box which, similar to those classic Pokémon 2DS cases, I’d be afraid of opening. Wouldn’t want to rip off a chunk with the adhesive or cause a tear.

If you were thinking of getting this limited-edition model and are incorrigible enough to act on those impulses, Play-Asia is (or at least was, while I was writing this) accepting pre-orders. It’s $259.99 and is expected to ship in July 2016. The initial supply has been claimed, so keep your eyes peeled.

[Via Tiny Cartridge]

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