No Trace looks like slick low-poly stealth action

Keep an eye out for it on PC this fall

I will always have an extra-soft spot for quality pixel art, but we could surely use more low-poly independent games, especially ones that bring something like Hitman to mind. This is No Trace, an upcoming top-down stealth-action game from Portsmouth, UK-based Square Mountain.

There’s potential for silly or otherwise creative environmental assassinations, or just going ham with guns if that’s your preferred approach (sometimes it comes to that!). You’ll also be able to enter an “Inspection” mode to pause everything and freely look around to better plan your next steps.

Square Mountain offers a slight story tease, noting that players will “Explore how each assassination chips away at Agent Sonder’s psyche and reveals the emotional toll of being a trained assassin.”

No Trace [Square Mountain via NeoGAF]

Jordan Devore
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