Nintendo’s two other mobile games are celebrating the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes

Miitomo and Super Mario Run

If you log into Miitomo and Super Mario Run this morning, you’ll find a new celebration underway to facilitate the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes.

As for the former game you’ll find new Fire Emblem outfits to gather, including Alfonse and Lucina outfits and Marth, Roy, Tiki, and Leo t-shirts. If the community reaches a 10,000 retweet goal (with the hashtag #Miitomo_FE_RT), everyone will get a Lucina mask gift.

Super Mario Run‘s thing is a lot less exciting, as you’ll obtain 2,222 coins after logging in. That’s it. Oh, and Heroes itself has a launch promotion where stamina requirements for the Training Tower are halved, you don’t need stamina to equip skills, and you get a 10 stamina potion bonus upon logging in.

Chris Carter
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