Nintendo repeats the message that the 3DS is still alive, even if Switch is the main focus

We’ll see, Reggie

Nintendo has made a point of telling us, for the past year, that the 3DS is still going to be a thing until the Switch is a “multiple device per household” product. Let us count the ways: here, here, here and here (you’re here right now).

If Nintendo has talked about the 3DS in any way shape or form, I’m listening. Why? It’s one of my most-played systems of this entire generation (possibly ever as far as handhelds go) and it houses a ton of incredible gems: the longer Nintendo supports it and keeps its eShop running, the better.

This week on “as the 3DS turns,” Kotaku spoke to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, who gave another reason for why the little portable is still in production: it’s an entry point. Reggie says that “the next generation of gamers need to start somewhere,” though “the newest experiences” will be on Switch. The example given is the handling of the upcoming brand new Luigi’s Mansion project, which is exclusive to the Switch, while the 3DS is getting a remake of the original.

Reggie contends that while the Switch is the focus, “…there are a lot of five, six, seven-year olds who have an opportunity to have their first gaming device and to have a fantastic gaming experience. And that’s what our dedicated handheld business is for, both the 2DS and the 3DS.”

Again, whatever keeps the 3DS afloat and that eShop running is fine with me.

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime On Hopes For An N64 Classic, Switch Online, And Sakurai’s Smash Roster Tweets [Kotaku]

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