Nintendo predicts 4 million 3DS sales in one month

There is no question that the 3DS will be big, but just how massive does Nintendo expect it to be? F*cking — that is how massive! In fact, the peripheral maker believes that the 3D handheld will net four million sales in a mere month. 

In addition, Nintendo also believes that 15 million 3DS games will be sold during the same time period. These confident boasts come courtesy of Nintendo’s sales forecasts, where the general message seems to be, “We will make a lot of money and then wipe our arses with swan’s neck like proper posh people.”

Considering the huge wealth of games coming, the potential awesomeness of the 3DS, and Nintendo’s own marketing power, I don’t think four million is too wild a guess. What do you reckon?

Nintendo predicts 4m 3DS sales in A MONTH [CVG]

Jim Sterling