Nintendo Japan’s rates for 3DS repair detailed

I’m sure you’re not going to rage and snap your new Nintendo 3DS in half after finally getting it in a couple of weeks, but if you do, here’s a handy list of Nintendo’s repair charges for your fancy new glasses-free 3D game system.

Japanese site Inside Games found this listing of charges for repairs for various parts. In it you’ll see some of the replacement fees. Maybe you lost your precious AR cards? No sweat. It’s only 500 yen (about $6). The battery (about $28) and pen (~$5) are also cheap.

Now, if you go jabbing at your top screen and break it, that’s going to cost you a bit. That’s about $128 after conversion. If you are a great jabber and manage to go through the bottom screen and the motherboard, you might as well get a new 3DS. That would cost $257 to fix. I’ve raged almost that hard from playing Super Street Fighter IV 3D online, mind you.

They even fix the little things. The buttons (about $30), microphone ($43) and even the SD card slot cover ($30) can even be replaced. Good to know. 

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