Nintendo is gearing up for more mobile games, plans 2-3 per year

It’s a me, consumerism!

Super Mario Run may not the most successful game around, but it has still drawn in a decent chunk of paying customers. The best thing about the title is that it isn’t loaded with microtransactions, but the company seems to be changing its focus with the upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes, which features a limited energy based system. If you feel that sucks, then you’ll probably really hate this story.

As reported by Reuters, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima told investors during a press conference that the company is looking to expand more into the mobile market and release two or three different titles each year. That isn’t exactly market saturation, but it probably comes as a shock to long-time fans who remember Nintendo saying it would stick to a console-only strategy.

Along with that information about the heightened move into the mobile market, Kimishima also stressed that 70 different developers were making around 100 different games for the Switch. That almost sounds like a desperate plea for attention, but I really do hope Nintendo can recover some of its lost charm with this new console. Third parties tend to love handhelds and since the Switch is basically a handheld, it should find some kind of popularity with developers not currently employed by the Big N.

Nintendo plans to release two or three mobile games every year [Reuters]

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