Nintendo has shipped 10.5 million amiibo worldwide

Almost seven million came from NA

When people constantly ask about why there’s so much amiibo coverage across the net, I always tell them — “because there’s a demand for it.” Now I can prove my point with cold hard numbers, thanks to the recent Nintendo investor briefing.

According to the publisher, 10.5 million amiibo units have been shipped worldwide, and almost seven million (6,930,000 units roughly) are from North America. Europe accounts for the next highest shipments, followed by Japan and Australia. A whopping two thirds of all amiibo sales are credited to North America.

While the situation has been incredibly shitty so far since the product rollout late last year, Nintendo has plenty of time to reorganize and rethink its strategy. If it can reprint enough rare figures to get them into the hands of people who want them, and focus more on the low-production cost NFC cards, it can get back a lot of the goodwill it lost with greedy exclusive figure deals.

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