Nintendo Download: Zombii Attack, Samurai Sword Destiny

Zombies? Old hat. Zombiis? Now we’re talking! WiiWare title Zombii Attack is unquestionably the oddball of this week. I shudder to think what it looks like in motion. Thankfully, Jonathan Holmes is handling the review for us. So very brave. (On an unrelated note, man, peer pressure rules.)

Moving right along, 3 Heroes – Crystal Soul and Quick Fill Q were added to DSiWare. It’s nice to see continued support for the later DS models, even if it’s coming digitally. As for the 3DS eShop, it’s a lone game, Samurai Sword Destiny.

Just a quick reminder: you should try out Swapnote if you haven’t yet. So many dong drawings, so little time. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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