Nintendo Badge Arcade prompt hints at a themed amiibo


Nintendo has been sneaking user polls into Badge Arcade since the start, and this is no exception.

Recently the game’s bunny mascot innocently talked about how “adorable” of an amiibo he’d make, prompting players to answer whether or not they’d actually buy it. If you respond with “I’d want one,” he gives his usual spiel about “passing it on to the boss that there’s high demand.”

Given his status in Super Mario Maker, I’d say an amiibo is a given at some point. That is, if Nintendo didn’t completely flood the market at this point — the beginning of the end of the bonkers demand started with the Animal Crossing figures. No wonder they’re holding off on the rest of the Smash line, as they probably want to build anticipation as much as possible for Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta.

High Demand Could Result in Nintendo Badge Arcade amiibo [Nintendo News]

Chris Carter
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