Nintendo Account launches in Japan, shows your purchase history

Here we go!

Nintendo Account – the snappily-titled new account service for Nintendo – has begun rolling out in Japan.

The new membership scheme will act as a single log-in for all your Nintendo stuffs, current and future, including the Nintendo NX.

If you have a Nintendo Network ID (NNID) signed up with a Japanese Wii U or 3DS, you can head on over to the newly launched website and register now.

According to @Cheesemeister3k, it appears that your purchase history will be carried over to your new account, you’ll be able to add your social media links, and you can “change your nickname,” too.

It looks like you can change country… #EndRegionLocking,” adds Cheesemeister3k. (If you’ve signed up and need an English translation, Cheesemeister has you covered there, too!)

There’s no word yet on when the service will roll-out to other parts of the world.

Until February 1, 2016, Japanese registrars will get 100¥ for every 1000¥ spent on the Nintendo eShop (there’s a spending limited of 10,000¥ per 24 hours) which will come back to you as a code around a week after your purchase(s). 

What do you think? Will we finally be able to transfer our Nintendo purchases between devices…?

Vikki Blake