New Kingdom Hearts story is hard for Disney to understand

Tetsuya Nomura spoke with Famitsu on the next in his series of Kingdom Hearts games, Dream Drop Distance. In the interview, translated by SQEX GAL, he said that he is currently going over the scenario with Disney for approval, and it seems that the story is a bit hard to understand.

“It’s fairly complicated. Right now I’m telling Disney about the scenarios, but it’s hard for them to understand it all at once.”

It seems that they’re hanging in there, though: “It’s difficult since their approval is necessary to move forward with localization, but there are many people in Disney who love the Kingdom Hearts series as well. They want to create the game accurately too, so somehow they’re following along with me.”

If you want to blame someone for Nomura’s crazy, convoluted story lines, blame Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. Earlier in the interview he told Famitsu that he was hoping to make the story more clear and simple. 

“But while I was developing the first Kingdom Hearts, I received a single piece of advice from Sakaguchi-san*. That was, ‘If you don’t make it more complex like with Final Fantasy, you won’t be able to compete.'”

Damn you, Sakaguchi!

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance To Have Controllable Event Scenes [Siliconera]

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