Details on a new Fire Emblem reportedly leak out online

Fire Emblem

Leaks of an unannounced Fire Emblem are out there

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Screens and details about an unannounced Fire Emblem have been leaking out online. A few different parties now allege there is a new Fire Emblem in the works, with screenshots purportedly showing an early version of the game.

Earlier this week, Nintendo insider Emily Rogers shared some details about the “new” Fire Emblem game. And not long after Reddit user u/miasmadelta shared more, backing up the report of a brand new Fire Emblem and sharing some screens.

The reports say that the new Fire Emblem is indeed a new entry in the series, not a remake. Rogers claims that it’s a collaboration between Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo, and Gust. She also says it’s been finished for over a year. It also has a gimmick that lets players summon Fire Emblem characters from the past to their squad.

The Reddit user backs up the idea that it’s been completed for “quite some time”. To add a little more credence, Eurogamer reports that it understands the project to be real.

Blue skies and a battle

The last mainline release in the Fire Emblem series was 2019’s Three Houses. The Nintendo Switch series debut was a pretty rousing success, garnering both critical acclaim and sales. While there was the re-release of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light in 2020, a new strategy game has yet to crop up since Three Houses.

Aside from the strategy, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is due to launch next week. It’s in the Warriors line of games, so expect big crowds, strongholds to capture, and 1,000-hit combo musou action. It’s fun, from what I’ve played of the demo, but it’s not the tactical strategy of the mainline Fire Emblem games.

The time seems ripe for a new Fire Emblem, especially as tactical RPGs as a whole are surging. Triangle Strategy launched this year, Front Mission remakes are on the way, and a Tactics Ogre listing leaked as well. If this is truly the Year of Tactics, I hope these leaks indicate Fire Emblem won’t miss the party.

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