Front Mission 1 and 2 are getting remakes for the Switch

Front Mission 1st Remake

Square’s mech tactics series is getting a fresh look

The first two Front Mission games are getting remade for the Nintendo Switch. The Wanzers will take the battlefield once more, starting with Front Mission 1st: Remake this summer.

Announced during today’s Nintendo Direct, Front Mission 1st: Remake will be the first game to get remade, coming to Switch sometime in the summer. Front Mission 2: Remake is also on the way, though it’s only set for sometime in the future.

Check out the trailer here:

The Front Mission series was an interesting and different title among other tactics games, focusing on mechs rather than fantasy combat. Though the series has received several ports and sequels over the years, it hasn’t seen a true entry since 2010’s Front Mission Evolved(At least, not counting 2019’s Left Alive, which was set in the series.) It’s been a long time coming for the Wanzers to get their time to shine.

Safe to say, this is a pretty exciting announcement for anyone who’s a fan of tactics, giant robots, or older RPGs getting new updates. Especially with other tactics games like Triangle Strategy also on the horizon, it’s a good year to be a tactics fans. In an age where a bunch of classic RPGs from the PlayStation era are getting remakes, remasters, and re-releases, it’s nice to see the crunchy mech combat of Front Mission get in on the fun.

Front Mission 1st: Remake hits the Nintendo Switch this summer. Front Mission 2: Remake will aim for sometime later on.

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