Gremlins’ Stripe coming to raise hell in MultiVersus this week

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Giiiiiiizmo CACA!

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As if the chaotic, madcap world of MultiVersus wasn’t already total mania, things are getting set to go completely off the deep end this week, with the arrival of the malevolent, dangerous, and utterly unpredictable Stripe, the chief antagonist of Joe Dante’s 1984 horror-comedy, Gremlins.

As the alpha male of cutie-pie Gizmo’s villainous brethren, Stripe quickly establishes his dominance as the self-styled “leader” of the mischievous/homicidal batch of Mogwai — rendered vile due to the breaking of the golden “Never feed them after midnight” rule. Following a terrifying rampage across the sleepy town of Kingston Falls, Stripe’s arrogance finally oversteps his cunning, and he eventually finds himself bursting into an explosion of goo, hit with the harmful rays of the dawn’s early light.

Player First Games has teased Stripe’s arrival with a short video, recalling the moment in sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch where the film “breaks”, (only to be restored by Hulk Hogan… Look, just watch it). While there is no gameplay footage of Stripe in action, his new player card reveals that he is an assassin-class character, and will thus sacrifice health for damage and speed. In addition, he appears to be packing a crossbow and a frikkin’ chainsaw — tools that he puts to nefarious use in the two movies.

While Stripe is no doubt set to take MultiVersus‘ violence to a whole new level, he would do well not to underestimate our pal Gizmo, who is already on the game’s star-studded roster. The sweet Mogwai has conquered Stripe before, and it ain’t no thing to do it again.

MultiVersus is currently available as a free-to-play beta on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. Stripe will arrive later this week as part of the title’s Season One content, which has already seen the arrival of LeBron, Gizmo and Rick & Morty. DC Comics’ anti-hero Black Adam, as well as several currently unconfirmed characters, are expected to arrive in the coming weeks and months.

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