MultiVersus teases Gremlins hero Gizmo for next week’s update

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No matter how much he cries… No matter how much he begs…

A bundle of trouble is headed to Warner Bros. Games crossover fighter MultiVersus in just a few short days, as developer Player First Games has dropped a new teaser trailer that points to the arrival of Gizmo, the heroic little Mogwai from Joe Dante’s 1984 hit, Gremlins.

A short teaser video sees the ancient, ornate chest that is Gizmo’s home open up in response to the sound of cavorting mayhem, suggesting that the sweet lol’ fuzzball is headed to MultiVersus in order to keep his arch nemesis, Stripe, in line. While details on Gizmo are very sparse at the time of writing, it is believed that he will be an individual character from Stripe, with his own moveset and abilities.

Gizmo, for those unacclimatized to the Gremlins universe, is one of the last remnants of the almost extinct species “Mogwai” and comes to live with teenager Billy Peltzer in his sleepy suburb of Kingston Falls. While himself a cute, friendly, and lovable character, Gizmo eventually multiplies, with his new brethren being far more malevolent and mischievous. The leader of the pack, Stripe, guides his fellow “gremlins” on a chaotic rampage throughout the town, bringing death and destruction to its residents. Ultimately, it is up to Billy and Gizmo to stop the carnage and bring down Stripe and his scaly posse.

Then, in the sequel, Gizmo dresses up as Rambo for this one bit.

It is believed that Gizmo will join the MultiVersus roster as part of a major update which is scheduled to launch Tuesday, September 6. He will be followed over the coming weeks by additional season one characters Stripe, Black Adam (DC Comics), and Rick (Rick & Morty). Recently, dataminers have also uncovered sound files that point to several as-yet-unannounced new characters.

[Update: Player First Games now expects Gizmo to show up on Thursday, September 8.]

MultiVersus is now available in open beta on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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