Mulder and Scully are straight-up in Yo-Kai Watch 3

‘The Y-File’

It looks like Level-5 had a lot of fun creating Yo-Kai Watch 3, which takes place in both Japan and the US. That includes the blatant X-Files reference in the form of the “Y-File” investigators Marder and Kakurii, which looks to be a full, amazing questline.

Gematsu also reports that the game will feature a “create your own Nyan” system where you can customize a cat Yo-kai, a “Zombie Night” minigame that operates similarly to the Oni one in the first title, and a built-in rhyhtm game featuring “Nya-KB” (read: a cat-themed version of the popular idol group AKB48.

I really love this dual region theme they’re going for here, and I hope they nail the ridiculousness of the US and don’t pull any punches.

Yo-kai Watch 3 details Nyan Create, Zombie Night, more [Gematsu]

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