MS man offers to meet Sony after school for a punch-up

Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer has fighting words for Sony this morning, offering his first-party games to go up against Sony’s any day of the week. Absolutely merciless in his challenge, Spencer states that he “loves” comparing the Xbox 360’s first-party software to the PS3’s. That’s some confidence right there.

“Let’s start from the beginning of both consoles – PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – which first party has had more success on their own platform? We have Gears, Halo, Forza, we’re continuing to push existing IP while bringing new IP to market. I’ll line up against Sony’s first-party any day.

… We’re going to stand up at the next E3, or at the right time, and we’ll show a line-up that will continue to win. We talk about our games when we understand what they are. I’m not going to put a billboard up on stage and say, ‘Boy, I hope you buy this game when it comes out and when I know what it is…’

We talk about games when we know what they are, when we can guarantee the quality to the customers, and we’ll say when they’re going to come out – I think the customers want that.

Lining us up against Sony first-party – I love that comparison. Review score average, exclusive hits to-date, you pick the metric and we can talk about it.”

You better watch those words, Spencer; otherwise, Sony will tell on you and get you “done.” Also, it knows your dad!

Surly words indeed from the MGS man, but is there any truth to them or is he all bluster? In a few years’ time, when Sony finally gets around to finishing one of its projects, Microsoft will be in trouble.

James Stephanie Sterling