More No Apparent Reason Parties heading your way

No Apparent Reason Parties, NARPs for short, are a long standing tradition here at Destructoid. NARPs are parties hosted by Dtoiders for Dtoiders and everyone is welcome to attend a party. It’s about playing games and interacting with other people all in the name of having a good time. 

There are a number of events happening in the next couple of weeks and they’re all leading up to PAX, the biggest gathering of Dtoiders yet. There’s also a really neat theme going on with some of the Dtoid City Groups as people from other areas of the country (and continents!) are going to some of these NARPs. 

Hit the break to see what Dtoid San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, New England, Seattle-Vancouver, Europe/Belgium, Austin and the United Kingdom all have in store for the next couple of months.

Who: DtoidSanFrancisco
Japantown meetup
When: August 16

DtoidSanFrancisco will be hitting up Japantown on August 16 to check out the grand opening of New People. They’ll be checking out the new center, catching a movie and checking out an exhibit by Yoshitaka Amano who is best known for his Final Fantasy character designs. 

Who: DtoidNewYork
What: Joe Burling and ADB invade New York

When: August 21-22

DtoidNewYork are having a party on August 21-22. They’re still in the planning stages but Joe Burling and AngelsDontBurn will both be in New York for that weekend. 

Who: DtoidLosAngeles
What: Shindiggity

When: August 28

Bleep will be playing hosting duties for the next DtoidLA NARP on August 28. Dtoiders FooLiz and ScottyG will also be making a pit stop in LA that weekend before they head on up to PAX the following weekend.

Who: DtoidNewEngland
What: GameUnicon
August 21-23

DtoidNewEngland will be hitting up the first GameUnicon taking place on August 21 to the 23. The convention is open around the clock and will a ton of games to play, over 30 tournaments, concerts with bands such as Freezepop, Powerglove and more and a ton of guests too. The best part is that this is only $40 for a three day pass. 

Check out the original Dtoid post on the event and the official Web site for GameUnicon for more details.

Who: DtoidSeattle-Vancouver
What: The Penny Arcade Expo 2009
When: September 4-6

The biggest Destructoid event of the year is less than three weeks away! The good folks at Penny Arcade are hosting their annual nerd Mecca and gamers from around the world are flying in to partake in the awesomenss.

We have over 150 Dtoiders that are heading to PAX under the flag of Destructoid this year. Ask anyone that has gone in the last two years to PAX from Destructoid and they’ll tell you it was one of the best things they’ve ever done.

If you’re going to PAX, make sure to join the PAX GoogleGroup, follow the C Blog account and keep an eye out on the PAX thread on the Forums to keep up to date with everything we got planned for PAX 09. 

Who: DtoidEurope/Belgium
When: September 4-6

mistic will be hosting the annual big EURONARP again in September. This NARP is for all of the European peeps who can’t make it out to America for PAX. EURONARP takes place during the same weekend as PAX and mistic will be hosting the annual big EURONARP again in September. This NARP is meant to be a great alternative for those who can’t make it to PAX and the last big EURONARP had over 10 TVs and 50 consoles for people to play.

Check out the first EURONARP recap to get a sense of what to expect from mistic’s epic NARPs.

Who: DtoidAustin
What: Shindaggity
When: September 19

DtoidAustin is in the planning stages for the next NARP which will take place on the weekend of September 19. ProfessorPew and Mid3vol will be making an appearance at the DtoidAustin NARP as well.

Who: DtoidUK
What: EuroGamer Expo
When: October 27-28 in Leeds; October 30-31 in London

The EuroGamer Expo is going down in Leeds on October 27-28 and in London on October 30-31. So far, Sega has confirmed a few games that will playable at the show including Aliens Vs Predator and Bayonetta

A number of DtoidUK people are going to go and you should too! 

That’s all that’s planned for now. Be sure to check out the NARP group list for a list of all the city groups. Check it out and join a group that’s near you. If you want to start up your own group, then send me an e-mail!  

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