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GameUnicon Event August 21-23


I just wanted to remind Dtoiders that GameUnicon is this month from August 21-23. I'm definitely attending and I will be entering my first tournament for SSF2HD and SFIV. You can tell it's serious business when you have to pay a tourney fee! So, if you have any interest at all in this event and meeting up with any of us, say so in the Forum or join our Google Group and let's set something up!

Quick Info

Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel
181 Boston Post Road West
Marlborough, MA 02148

Hours of operation: 24/7

Convention Pass: $40 (Full access convention pass for gamers, shoppers, free play and concerts)
Convention Gamer Pass: $30 (Tournament player pass that saves you 10 dollars on convention pass)
Friday Concert Pass: $30 (Freezepop, Konami Code, The Megas)
Saturday Concert Pass: $30 (Bang Camaro, Powerglove, Jesus Candy, Planettoid & The Motion Sick)
Sunday Magic Tourney Pass: $25 (I have no idea what this is)
LAN Only Pass: $35
Table Top Gaming Pass: $35

$17 Roundtrip Transportation for NY'ers

Roundtrip bus ticket from NY leaves Thursday August 20th at 6PM from times square, you must have your Gamer or Convention Pass already to get on this bus.

Roundtrip bus ticket from NY leaves Friday August 21st at 6AM from times square, you must have your Gamer or Convention Pass already to get on this bus.

Bus leaves Massachusetts at 7PM Sunday.

Official Site

Destructoid Article
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