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New York Comic Con-October 13th-16th

Okay, it's that time of the year. For 4 days this year, the New York Comic Con will be going on with all of the comic, movie, tv, games, anime and toys that you may be interested in the upcoming winter season. Dtoid staff members Dale North...


DTNY heads back to 8 on the Break-June 17th

Next week, the DTNY crew will be heading to Dunellen NJ to the 8 on the Break arcade on June 17th for gaming, pinball, and the magic of 3 dollar cheesesteaks. We will be meeting at around 7:00PM, come earlier if you want. Who knows we may g...


Dtoid NY heads to Blipfest 2011 (New Updates)

[Note] This is a repost of our upcoming Blipfest trip with additional info. Single day tickets are now on sale and the full schedule has been released we will definitely be around on Thursday to see our friend Zen Albatross perform, and o...


Dtoid New York heads to Blipfest 2011

Hey guys, I really wanted to get the word out early about this event but this usually one of our biggest gatherings of the year. Dtoid New York is going to be heading to the Eyebeam for Blipfest 2011 concert series on May 19-21st. It is an ...


How to use a Dtoid City Google Group

With the recent front page post on our Dtoid City Groups, I wanted to repost an old blog that may help you to understand how to use the main planning tool for out event, Google Groups. Hello Dtoid peeps, in the coming months there will b...


The Brocast: Episode 1: Brofists Unite

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the first ever Dtoid group podcast is here. The first episode of the Dtoid NY Brocast is now up and ready to be listened to. Listen as Tino, Petiepal, power-glove, Greks, Anonymous Noob and DaRookieMonster all ...


Dtoid NY's Brocast records tonight

Sup, NewYork and rest of the Dtoid peeps. It is a very big day for the congregation of Banksota. It is the first time that a Dtoid regional group's members get together and does a podcast of their very own. For the first episode, Dtoid NY...


How to use a Dtoid Google Group

Hello Dtoid peeps, in the coming months there will be a ton of upcoming events that will require a great deal of planning so that can be successful and fun for everyone involved. Whether it would be either of the PAX trips or a Dtoid City...


Blipfest 09 in two weeks: Dtoid NY will be there

In two weeks, the members of Dtoid NY and friends from outside of the state, will be hanging out together for a weekend of fun, party, and all sorts of chiptunes goodness and more. If you are planning to attend the concert or if you want ...


Capcom Fight Club Signups are GO!

The Capcom Fight Club is this Thursday with some very special games on the poster below. Directions to sign-up are at the link below. It is on a first come and first serve basis. Please come out and support us. Thanks


DtoidNY's Beach Narp Recap!

This past weekend the wonderful people that make up Destructoid New York escaped the city and traveled all the way down to the southern tip of New Jersey for our very first Beach Narp. Our generous host Keener was gracious enough to let ...


Wiimbledon- Saturday June 27th

This Saturday is the third annual Wiimbledon event at the Brooklyn's famous Barcade and DTNY will be there. For those who are unfamiliar with the event, it is where people gather together for a Wii Tennis tournament and to drink a lot of b...


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