Monster Hunter is getting its own amiibo line now

Three figures

Well uh, this might be the point where collectors draw the line, if they haven’t already.

Capcom has announced the existence of three amiibo figures for Monster Hunter Stories, which will arrive with the 3DS game on October 8. At the moment, there’s two One-Eyed Rathalos figures (with male and female riders), and Nabiru toy. The former models will run you 1800 Yen (roughly $16 US), and the latter is 1200 Yen (roughly $10 US).

“More amiibo figures” are slated for release later in 2016 for this same line. There’s no word on a worldwide release since Stories isn’t even confirmed outside of Japan yet, but if you really want them importing isn’t too tough these days.

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Chris Carter
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