Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is getting a closed beta, and you can register now

Then buying won’t be a leap of Faith

Before Mirror’s Edge Catalyst releases on May 24, you have an opportunity to take it for a test drive and kick the wheels a little bit. Well, “test run” might be a more appropriate term considering this game is all about free-running. Whatever it is, you can try before you buy and it’ll (hopefully) help the launch go more smoothly.

EA just opened registration for a closed beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst across all platforms. Signing up is simple — pick a system, give an email address, and you’re all set. Of course, note that PC requires having Origin installed.

It isn’t said what part of gameplay this beta will feature, but there’s a good chance it’ll focus on the multiplayer components. Catalyst doesn’t have standard multiplayer offerings, though; it has asynchronous multiplayer where in-game actions affect others’ experiences. EA mentions that participation requires a “persistent Internet connection.”

There’s no set date for the beta yet either. However, given the game’s semi-soon release date, it can’t be too far off. Whenever it is, this should be a good chance to get in some warm-up laps before the running’s for real in late May.

Closed Beta [Mirror’s Edge Catalyst]

[Update: Now with a story trailer!]

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