Mighty Switch Force 2 among the actual game rewards Nintendo has added to My Nintendo

Also Fast Racing Neo (Wii U), Star Wars Pinball, and Whoa Dave

While we’ve gotten a few nudges here and there in terms of My Nintendo, it really needs that big push — Switch support.

We’re still not quite there yet after all this time, as Nintendo is still toying with only providing Wii U and 3DS rewards. This week that list includes Fast Racing Neo (Wii U – 11 Gold Points), Mighty Switch Force 2 (3DS – 50 Gold Points), Whoa Dave (3DS – 40 Gold Points), and Star Wars Pinball (3DS – 50 Gold Points).

All four will be listed until May 23, at which point hopefully Nintendo will get its act together and announce Switch rewards right on the eve of E3. Wishful thinking? How about a Virtual Console with My Nintendo rewards? Wishful thinking still? Rats, I guess more Wii U and 3DS it is.

Rewards [My Nintendo]

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