Mega Man Legends 3 voice actress allegedly revealed four years after cancellation

Meanwhile, on the moon…

Ready to feel sad about Mega Man Legends 3 again? Skybane of 100k Strong for Mega Man Legends 3 claims that he recently discovered who would have been the English voice actress for Aero, the pink-haired character whose design was chosen by fans, nearly four years after the game’s cancellation (geez, it’s already been four years?!).

Had Mega Man Legends 3 come to fruition, it seems likely that the talented Tara Platt would have done the voiceover for Aero in the English version. Tara has done plenty of voiceover work for anime and videogames; you may have heard her in the Persona series as Mitsuru Kirijo or in Naruto as Temari. She also provided the voice of Tron Bonne in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, a fact which helped lead Skybane on the path to this discovery.

In one of the Devroom interviews, Aero’s voice actress, who was anonymous at the time, said that she had worked on a game with Mega Man characters a year before the interview. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 would certainly match that description. She also mentioned that she had grown up without a television set, something which Tara Platt has mentioned before in other interviews. It seems a bit too on the nose to be chalked up to mere coincidence.

Even though the fan reception to the Devroom apparently wasn’t what Capcom had hoped for, it’s still impressive to see how dedicated those fans are to finding out as much as they can about this canceled project. They’re still on the hunt for Barrett’s English voice actor, among other things. All of this really makes me wish we had at least been able to see the prototype version, but I guess some things just aren’t meant to be.

The Devroom interview transcription and voice samples for Aero can be found over at Mega Man Legends Station.

Ben Davis