Mega Man Legends 3 looks great, lets hope it comes out

Capcom is promoting the hell out of Mega Man Legends 3. To celebrate the reveal of the game’s prototype version (coming soon to the 3DS’s eShop), Capcom showed off about ten minutes of the game in action (seen above, and after the jump). The game’s official Japanese website has been updated with new music, info, and wallpapers. Capcom Unity has a lot to say about the game too. In the past couple of days they’ve shown off a 3D model viewer of the game’s newly revealed character Barret, an interview with one of the game’s developers, and look at the game’s voice recording sessions.

Thing is, all this promotion may be for nothing. According to the interview linked above, the full game will never see release unless the prototype version sells well. This wouldn’t be the first time that Capcom heavily promoted a Mega Man game that may never see release. Capcom made a huge deal out of Mega Man Universe at TGS last year, giving out ‘do rags, producing limited edition t-shirts, and devoting a huge chunk of their floor space to the game. Then, out of nowhere, it gets canceled.

My only guess is that since Keiji Inafune left the company, opinions are mixed amongst Capcom’s management on the topic of Mega Man’s future. The series just doesn’t bring in the money, at least, not in the way that Capcom has been handling the property of late. Who’s to blame for that; Mega Man or Capcom? If New Super Mario Bros. Wii can sell over 15 million copies worldwide, couldn’t a well crafted, fun to play Mega Man title do at least half that?

Mega Man Legends 3 – isolated gamplay footage [GoNintendo]

Jonathan Holmes
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