Marvel’s Avengers is on a fire sale for under 5 bucks before it gets the boot

One last fight before the end.

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The Marvel’s Avengers team is ending all support for the game on September 30. There won’t be any additional character DLC, story missions, or updates; its life as a game as a service (GaaS) is nearly over. If you have ever been interested to see what the fuss has been about, Marvel’s Avengers is a part of one last fire sale where you can pick it up for only a handful of dollars.

Marvel’s Avengers: The Definitive Edition is going for the crazy low cost of $3.99 USD in multiple places. You can pick it up for that price on the PlayStation Store, Steam, and Green Man Gaming. That’s 90% off for those who just love looking at percentages in sales. The Definitive Edition comes with more than 400 outfits for the heroes, along with all the DLC missions and playable characters. But keep in mind that if you want the Spider-Man DLC, you need to pick up the PlayStation version.

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Why is there a fire sale for Marvel’s Avengers before “the end?”

Marvel’s Avengers, sadly, didn’t do so hot after it launched roughly three years ago. Players were unimpressed by its grindy nature, though it did earn some praise for its combat. The game was mired in “pay-to-win” controversy, as it introduced ways to buy XP boosts in lieu of simply playing the game. Publisher Square Enix was also frustrated over the game’s “lower than expected” sales, ultimately leading it to sell the developer, Crystal Dynamics, to Embracer Group in 2022.

On September 30, the Marvel’s Avengers owners will officially “sunset” the game. You won’t be able to purchase the game or its DLC, nor will you be able to buy credits. Owners of the game can still play its single- and multiplayer modes, and limited-time events are still planned.

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