Lots of Devil Survivor 2 screenshots and art

[Update: Altus Japan has posted a new trailer for Devil Survivor 2 on YouTube.]

It still blows my mind that Atlus decided to make Devil Survivor‘s sequel a DS game, and not a 3DS game. Still, I’m quite excited for this release, and these new screenshots and art have me looking forward to the release of this game in Japan this summer. I’m always down for more SRPG goodness.

The story of DS2 has 13 residents of Japan signing a pact with the Devil to become Devil Messengers. Heavy! Their duty is to fight off invaders called the Septentrion for seven days to save the world.

Those that played the first game will see some familiar things in these screenshots. You’ll also see some strange things. What’s with that enemy that looks like a cross between a clown and an ice cream cone? I dig the moody and leggy girl with Macbook Airs flying around her head. That’s like a dream I had once. 

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