How to get into Hyrule Castle in Tears of the Kingdom (Totk)

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At the center of Hyrule stands Hyrule Castle, a looming medieval structure that floats and is overflowing with Gloom. The creepy castle is an important location, as it is where players can defeat Demon King Ganondorf. To do that, Link first needs to get there.

Though Tears of the Kingdom‘s plot saves Hyrule Castle for the ending hours, it is possible to access the building quite early in the game. This means that, much like Breath of the Wild, it is possible to skip quests and straight head to the big boss at the beginning of the game to try and defeat him.

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Step One: Prepare

Before attempting to enter Hyrule Castle, a little preparation is necessary. Firstly, anyone visiting the building should be aware that while it is filled with valuable treasure, it also contains many dangers. It’s wise to ensure that Link has lots of heart containers, as well as food and elixirs for healing. Furthermore, keep some meals on hand to restore hearts as well because the castle is teeming with Gloom Hands that sap the vitality of their victims.

Next, ensure Link has a paraglider. This nifty tool is obtained in the main quest titled “Crisis at Hyrule Castle”. After showing Link how the towers work, Purah will gift him with a paraglider. Later on, this paraglider can be customized in the Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno.

Lastly, ensure Link has sufficient stamina. The main means of getting to Hyrule Castle is impossible with the default stamina levels. There is a variation of the method that gets past this issue. However, upgrading the stamina levels ensures the trip to the castle can be successfully made regardless of the circumstances.

Stamina can be increased by visiting shrines and obtaining stamina vessels until Link has about two stamina wheels. Alternatively, sleeping on a Malanya Bed in a stable inn will reward Link with an additional gold stamina wheel. For those who don’t wish to make upgrades, pack plenty of stamina-replenishing meals to eat mid-air.

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Step Two: Soar

After making the necessary preparations, head to Lookout Landing Skytower in Central Hyrule and have it catapult Link to the skies. From there, activate the paraglider and soar northwards. The castle is massive, so there’s no chance of missing it. The landing spot will be Hyrule Castle 1F.

As previously stated, there is a variation of this method. It involves creating a hot air balloon with some Zonai parts. Using Ultrahand, fuse a Flame Emitter to a hot air balloon, and fuse that to a wooden board which will be used as a platform to stand on.

Smack the Flame Emitter to activate it, and once the hot air balloon has reached the appropriate altitude, leap and soar toward Hyrule Castle. If Link is close enough to the castle, stamina upgrades won’t be necessary. However, Zonai Charges are needed to gain enough height.

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The inside of the castle is a sinuous labyrinth that is easy to get lost in. There are also several monsters that will test whoever dares to cross their path. If Link can survive, he can loot plenty of valuable treasure and slay Demon King Ganondorf.

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