LittleBigPlanet: huge game, tiny billboards

It seems that LittleBigPlanet billboards are springing up across America, but you’ll have to look down instead of up to see one.

These LittleBigPlanet billboards are, well… little. According to Kotaku, this lucky eBayer walked outside his work building to find a little billboard planted in the grass. He eventually ended up taking it for himself, saving it from being trashed. After doing a bit of research, this guy found that more of these were planted elsewhere in the US,  his being numbered 99 out of 1000. He’s auctioning off this one, and it’s currently going for over $100.

Kotaku has a few more images of other billboards from SCEA’s ad agency.

Tiny signs wouldn’t normally make for the best advertisements, but if they get people talking (and bidding for them), I’d say they’re doing the trick. And they’re cute! They even have a little ladder and fake little lights on it. 

Let us know if you come across any of the other 999 billboards.

Dale North