Level-5 is holding a big sale on the 3DS eShop

Until December 27

Hey, remember the two “Guild” compilations that were released on the 3DS several years back? I do! I even have my own special folder for them.

They were a great set of seven games that were originally released in Japan as two bundles, and individually on the eShop in the west. They were experimental type projects that ran a gamet of concepts like managing an airport, rolling through a D&D style dungeon, or battling bugs in World War II era tanks.

Well, in addition to consulting our reviews (linked below), you can also partake in a sale running through December 27 and experience them for yourself. Most of them were pretty cheap anyway, and the soccer senstation Inazuma Eleven also joins them for half off.

My personal recommendations? Crimson Shroud, Liberation Maiden, and Weapon Shop.

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