Koei Tecmo reveals big-boobed 3DS lineup

One of the first things I thought when the 3DS was announced and I saw that Koei Tecmo was supporting it was, “there’s no way these guys won’t put a massive-boobed Dead or Alive on the thing.” Turns out I was right, as a new Dead or Alive, doubtless packed full of giant 3D breasts, is part of the company’s lineup. 

Like most of the 3DS publishers so far, KT’s lineup is constructed from established franchises as opposed to anything new. Speaking of a fan of the publisher’s games, this is great news for me. Not so great news for the rest of you who hate Dynasty Warriors, but screw you guys. Here’s the full lineup (all working titles):

  • Dynasty Warriors
  • Samurai Warriors 3D
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • Dead or Alive 3D

I am sold on all four of those. How about you? Do any of those pop out at you, or does the lineup leave you feeling flat? 

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