Kobito Dukan is the new cute-ugly 3DS sensation

While at Dtoid’s PAX East 2012 party a few months ago, Dtoid artist Linzb0t introduced me to Kobito Dukan. She handed me a kobito Dukan toy and said something like “It’s like you and Tingle had a baby”. I couldn’t have been more flattered, though I had no idea what she was talking about

A little research has revealed that Kobito Dukan is more like Pikmin than anything else. It’s a modern mythology about a group of small, weird dwarf-things that have weird one-piece outfits that have giant protrusions coming out of their heads. They actually look a lot like Pikmin, except more troubling to the eye. So that’s where the Tingle part comes in? I’m not sure what Linz thinks I have to do with any of this though. I don’t look like a cute-ugly nature-demon, do I?

The dwarfs are getting a 3DS title, and it looks appropriately unsettling. It’s not clear what you actually do in the game other than look at dwarfs, take pictures of them, and put your face on their bodies. 

Sign me the f*ck up.

[Via 4Gamer]

Jonathan Holmes
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