Just Cause 2 lays out how to blow stuff up good

My experience with the original Just Cause consisted of hopping in a plane, flying really high into the air, then jumping out of said plane and falling until I hit the ground really hard. Best game ever? Damn near it. That’s why it excites me to see that Just Cause 2 is putting an even great emphasis on the ridiculous stunts you can do in the game as these two new videos demonstrate.

In the video above we get to check out how one can blow stuff up while jumping over it in a sports car and still land with one’s hairdo perfectly in tact. It’s a unique feat that I’m sure many will try. In the second video we get down to brass tax when we learn how to kill enemies using a special weapon called gravity. It seems that all of these types of kills involve long drops onto hard surfaces, but this “gravity” does seem to be a cruel mistress.

If only someone could harness gravity’s power and put it into some sort of gun. Then you’d probably get a great game with a third episode that is never coming out no matter how much you cry each night.

Matthew Razak