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How to start a bounty hunter business in GTA Online: Locations and price

Get stuck into the action.

GTA Online‘s Bottom Dollar Bounties update has arrived, which means you can start your own bounty-hunting business and clean up the streets of San Andreas. It’s not instantly clear how to do this though, so I’ve put together this guide to walk you through it.

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The streets of Los Santos are filled with thieves and criminals, and if you want to make some extra cash while rounding up these crooks, you’ll need to work with Maude and open a bounty hunter business. Thankfully, the steps to do it aren’t too difficult, but you’ll need some cash to make it happen.

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Clean up the streets. Image via Rockstar

How to become a bounty hunter in GTA Online

The next time you log into GTA Online, you’ll receive a call from Maude, who you may recognize from the single-player campaign. Based out of Sandy Shores, Maude gives Trevor four bounty jobs, sending him to capture targets for her, retiring when the missions have been completed.

Now, Maude is back, is looking to expand her business, and wants you to be part of it. If that sounds like your cup of tea, here are the steps you’ll need to capture crooks.

  1. Open your phone in-game.
  2. Go to your phone’s web browser.
  3. On the homepage, select Maze Bank Foreclosures.
  4. When the map appears, select “Bail Offices” from the top-right corner.
  5. Select which of the five Bail Offices you want to buy. They are marked on the map with a blue house symbol with a set of handcuffs.
  6. When purchased, drive to your Bail Office.
  7. Enter the building and watch the cutscene.
  8. You can now choose which bounty you want to chase.

How much is a Bail Office?

To become a bounty hunter, you’re going to need to have some cash in your bank account, as the cheapest Bail Office costs $1.65 million, while the most expensive one will set you back $2.62 million.

The prices are as follows:

  • Paleto Bay: $1.65 million
  • Davis: $2 million
  • Del Perro: $2.35 million
  • Mission Row: $2.39 million
  • Downtown Vinewood: $2.62 million

If you haven’t got the money just yet, you’ll need to complete some missions and get stuck into some heists to get your funds up.

GTA Online Bail Office locations

There are five Bail Offices in GTA Online. Four of them can be found in the city of Los Santos, with the fifth found right at the top of the island. We’ve included images of their locations below so you can choose which one is best for you to access.

An image showing two maps, with bail office locations marked by blue circles with white handcuffs.
Plenty of options in Los Santos. Images via Rockstar, remix by Destructoid

GTA Online‘s Bottom Dollar Bounties is live on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, so get stuck in and start rounding up San Andreas’ biggest crooks.

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