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Palworld dev drops major hint about possible PlayStation release

We'd all like this.

If you’re a PlayStation owner and feel like you’ve missed out on one of 2024’s biggest game releases, then good news may be heading your way as Palworld‘s community manager dropped a significant tease about a possible release.

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When Palworld launched back in January, it was exclusive to PC and Xbox consoles, leaving those who own the Sony machine out in the cold. While it didn’t affect player count, with over 25 million gamers jumping into the weird and wacky universe, plenty were begging Pocketpair to drop a PS5 version.

According to a tweet from Bucky, who is Palworld‘s community manager, that possibility may be on the way, after tweeting the name of the game with black, green, and white hearts. They then wrote: “I want to add more hearts, but not sure what color would fit,” then added a blue heart alongside the rest.

Black, green, and white are well-known as Xbox colors, but it’s the addition of the blue ones that’s really set tongues wagging, especially when Bucky wrote that it “looks good,” finishing the message off with a set of suggestive eyes.

Of course, this isn’t official confirmation from Pocketpair, but there’s little chance that Bucky has gone rogue and teased something as huge as this without permission from the development. This tweet is likely to build hype ahead of the big announcement, which could happen around the release of the Sakurajima update on June 27.

As for when a possible PS5 version could drop, the truth is we don’t have any idea right now. It’s unclear if Pocketpair has already been working on a port of the game, or if the announcement will confirm that development is starting on it. For now, at least things are moving in the right direction.

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