Japanese preview for Miitopia has romance and action

Better love story than Twilight

While our Nintendo Direct yesterday for Animal Crossing: New Leaf focused solely on Nintendo’s life simulator, Japanese gamers were treated to a short preview for the upcoming Miitopia game. Not a whole lot of details were unveiled, but the game will be releasing on December 8 in Japan for 4,700 ¥. There is also going to be a Japan-only Nintendo Direct to discuss more about the title at the end of the week (November 5).

A short preview demo was then released on the Japanese eShop that let people witness the video with their own Miis. From that, we can gather that you team up with three other Miis and do battle with an evil Mii. There is also some crazy romance subplot going on that makes me laugh a bit.

I’m not sure I understand what, exactly, Miitopia is all about, but it looks pretty fun. I didn’t buy into Tomodachi Life, but using my Miis for something other than Smash or Mario Kart is always a plus. Hopefully we’ll find out when the West will be getting the game soon.

Nintendo’s New Miitopia 3DS Game Unveiled, and It’s Coming to Japan Really Soon [GameSpot]

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